Certification FAQ

When does certification start?

August 24, 2017

What is the certification website link?

If you are appointed with Clover Health, you will receive an invitation by email, notifying you of pre-enrollment to take the product certification and CMS training through Sentinel Elite (www.sentinelelite.com).  If you are not appointed, you will need to get contracted. Click here to start the contracting process.

Is AHIP required?


What is the AHIP cost?


Does AHIP qualify for compliance credit?


Does Clover Health reimburse for AHIP?


Is face-to-face training required?

Yes. Contact us at (844) 998-7878 or agents@taia.us for more information.

Will 2018 certification allow me to sell in 2017?


Where can I find my username? Password?

Use the "Forgot your Username?" or "Forgot your Password?" links.

How do I know if my certification is completed?

Contact Broker Services Department at (844) 998-7878 or agents@taia.us.