Certification FAQ

When does certification start?

Required every two years. Starts anytime you login to complete the courses.

What is the certification website link?


Is AHIP required?


What is the LIMRA cost?


Does LIMRA qualify for compliance credit?

There is an optional CE Exam for a fee depending on your resident state.

Is face-to-face training required?

No. This is an online course.

What are the requirements for certifying for the first time?

All required courses will show up under the "Refreshers Courses" list.

What are the requirements for re-certification?

All required courses will show up under the "Refresher Courses".

Where can I find my username? Password?

Use the "Forgot your Username?" or "Forgot your Password?" links.

How do I know if my certification is completed?

The LIMRA Program does not provide completion certificates. All completion data is electronically reported back to the carriers that registered you for the course. Carriers that participate in the program are aware of these reporting procedures.

How many times do I complete the Base course?

You only need to complete the Base Course once. Once completed, the results will be submitted electronically to all carriers submitting your name. Not all carriers are necessarily listed. Only those companies with an additional component for the training are listed.  For those companies listed to the right, you need to complete both the Base Course and the Company Page to be considered complete for that company.

There are two versions of the course listed: Flash Enabled and Flash Not Enabled. Which do I take?

You only have to take one of the courses; however, the Flash Enabled version will require that you have an updated version of Flash running on your machine so that the graphics and illustrations load properly.

What's the difference between Flash enabled and Flash Not Enabled?

Flash enabled means that the course includes animation, enhanced graphic illustrations, and simple interactivity between the user and the course. Flash Not Enabled means that the course is more text heavy; although the course may contain graphics, it does not include any interactivity between the user and the course.

I've gotten halfway through the course and now I can't go any further. What has happened?

You chose to take the Flash Enabled version of the course, and your system is not up-to-date with the compatible version of Flash to properly load the pages. You will have to exit the course and take the Flash Not Enabled version, and start at the beginning of the course in order to complete your training requirement.

Can you provide information about my account to a third party?

For your security, we cannot provide information regarding accounts to anyone but the account holder.

How do I know if my certification is completed?

Contact Broker Services Department at (844) 998-7878 or agents@taia.us.