#ThursdayThought: Don't Give Up on your Business Goals!

Goals are an essential part of any business strategy. Goals help you stay on track for growth and success. Without them, you may find that your business is not moving forward. As independent agents, we know that you desire to reach out to as many beneficiaries as possible and we want to help you succeed. The end of January is common for when people start to give up on their goals and resolutions. Use these tips and take the time to renew your dedication to making 2018 your most successful year yet!

  1. Be realistic in your goals and create a plan! Using quantifiable metrics to measure can be a huge asset to seeing progress. Understanding that to reach your larger, long-term business goals will take immense amounts of time, work and effort will also help you to achieve these goals. Having smaller goals will help you see what progress has been made and will keep you from abandoning hope.

  2. Write it down! Write down your plan of attack and keep it where you can see it to help your motivation. Track your activity during the goals using a planner and/or one of the many apps that are available in either the Apple Store or the Play Store.

  3. Set Deadlines! It is important to break your larger goals into smaller, achievable goals that can be achieved throughout the year. Give yourself reasonable deadlines.

  4. Share with your Support System! Don’t keep your goals to yourself. Your support team can be an asset to you reaching your goals. They can provide insight and experiences that can help change your perspective and keep you grounded in your goals. Ask for reliable peers, mentors, or colleagues to help keep you accountable.

  5. Don’t give up! Failure is a part of life, but don’t let it discourage you. “Failure is the only opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely,” (Henry Ford). Take a moment to re-center yourself and begin again. Reconsider what happened in your previous attempt and do what you can to remove the temptations.

For more information on resources available to you as an independent agent, please call: (844) 998-7878 or email: Support@taia.us

Let us help you make 2018 your most successful year yet!


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