#TechnologyTuesday: What does your Virtual Business Card look like?

Are you taking advantage of all the internet offers your business? You may be under the impression that because you work with an older generation that you don’t need to advertise on the internet because they don’t use it. This is not true!

According to a study by The Pew Research Center there are approximately 30 million adults, 65 and older, actively using the internet. The study concluded that four out of every ten adults 65+ own a smart phone, which means the internet is literally in their pocket.

So, what can you do to take advantage of this huge opportunity?

1. Make sure your email address looks professional. The best way to ensure that your email address is professional is to use your full name or your business name. Try to avoid using nicknames or unnecessary numbers. Hyphens and periods are an alternative to having to use numbers or nicknames. For example: Angela.Agent@hotmail.com

2. Invest in an Agent Website. We offer agent websites for a small annual fee. The website can be personalized and essentially is your virtual business card. We use key words and phases to help boost your page SEO (which helps put you in the top Google search when people are looking for Medicare).

3. Take classes. Just as you would take continuing education courses to better your sales and business skills, why wouldn’t you take courses to better your technology skills? Technology is constantly changing, and it is important to stay up to date with it. Keep an eye out for new webinars and courses to be offered by us soon.

4. Create Business Social media profiles. Seniors are interacting on Facebook, more than any of the other social media sites. Facebook offers business pages that give you areas to provide information about your business and the services you offer. If you need help creating a social media business page, contact the Trusted American Insurance Agency Marketing Department.

5. Stay active on your Social Media profiles. Creating your business page isn’t enough, it is imperative that you are actively communicating with your followers. If you have a small follower base, be the first to reach out and follow other pages. By interacting on other company pages, you are still advertising yourself. Be sure to share relevant, but interesting, information. Not sure what to share? Follow Trusted American Insurance Agency or The Medicare Answers social media sites for information that can be shared to your own social media site.

If you need help marketing yourself on the internet, contact the Marketing Department: (844) 998-7878.


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