Win AEP!

Updated: Sep 25, 2017

With 20 days left until Annual Enrollment Period, it is the right time to make sure you are completely prepared and ready to win this year's AEP! Follow this game plan for success!

1. Get Contracted. If you haven't already, contact us to get contracted! Get excellent marketing materials and help to grow your book of business. We offer top notch services to help you succeed doing what you love! Click here to get contracted.

2. Complete AHIP Training. Complete your AHIP Training TODAY! Do not put it off! Contact us if you need help or are interested in getting discounted training. (844) 998-7878.

3. Get Certified with Carriers. Double check the Certification requirements for the carriers you want to sell during Annual Enrollment Period. Click here to visit our Certifications page and make sure you have the correct information.

4. Attend Product Training. We offer product training classes for agents to satisfy in-person requirements and help you familiarize yourself with local and national products. Contact us at (844) 998-7878 to sign up for the next Product Training Class!

5. Attend Annual Medicare Summit. Be sure to subscribe to the Annual Medicare Summit Blog to ensure you get the most up-to-date information regarding these events. Click here to visit the Annual Medicare Summit website.

6. Reach Out to Clients. It is incredibly important to reach out to your clients ahead of Annual Enrollment Period. They may have changes that need to be considered. They can also be a great source to get referrals for potential new clients. Keep in contact with them with some of our fantastic marketing tools! Click here to see what resources are available to you. If you are not yet a member, please call (844) 998-7878 to get contracted or visit our contracting page!

7. Schedule Sales and Educational Events. By scheduling sales and educational events, you can reach out to more people at a time than by simply hosting complimentary consultations. It increases your credibility with potential clients if you are involved in community events.

8. Get your Supplies. We offer an expansive Supply Portal with generic and branded marketing materials as well as carrier supplies. Get contracted with us today and take advantage of these great materials!

9. Sign up for leads. Reach out to more seniors in your area through business reply mailers. We offer them at an outstanding rate of 15 county specific leads for $250! Get contracted with us today to get access to this great rate! If you are already contracted, use our marketing form to sign up for leads!

10 & 11. Help your clients get enrolled and submit the application to us. Stick to the CMS compliance guidelines and help your clients get enrolled. Submit all of the forms and use the proper cover sheet within 24 hours of the client filling out the form.

12. Get Paid. We offer top level commissions and our process for distribution is effective. If you have questions about commissions, call us at (844) 998-7878.

Let's make this Annual Enrollment Period the best you've ever had! Reach out to us to learn more about materials and resources available to you. You deserve it!

Contact us today at: (844) 998-7878.


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