Certification FAQ

When does certification start?

August 29, 2018.

What is the certification website link?


Click on "Agent Portal" in the upper right hand corner. Once you log in (or register for the first time) click on "Training" tab and select "Training 2019". 

Is AHIP required?


What is the AHIP cost?

If completed through a discount certification site, the cost is $125.  If completed through AHIP, the cost is $175.

Does AHIP qualify for compliance credit?


Does QHPNY reimburse for AHIP?

No, but we as your upline do. CLICK HERE to get your discounted AHIP. Questions about qualifications? Call 844-998-7878 or email 

Is face-to-face training required?

Yes. Call (844) 998-7878 to learn about upcoming events to help satisfy this requirement.

Will 2019 certification allow me to sell in 2018?

No. 2019 and 2018 certifications are required to sell for that specific year.

What are the requirements for certifying for the first time?

You will need to complete AHIP training modules 1-5.

What are the requirements for re-certification?

If you completed last year's AHIP training, you must only complete modules 4-5 and the FWA training/exam.

Where can I find my username? Password?

Use the "Forgot your Username?" or "Forgot your Password?" links.

How do I know if my certification is completed?

Contact Broker Services Department at (844) 998-7878 or agents@taia.us.