Certification FAQ

When does certification start?

  • AHIP or SilverScript Equivalent Training: Live (July 9, 2018)

  • Products and Processes Course: Expected to go live in August 2018

What is the certification website link?


Is AHIP required?

No. You can certify with SilverScript for free by completing all of the certification courses they offer. Once SilverScript updates CourseMill, a passing AHIP will cover you for the following modules:

  • Medicare Overview for Contracted Agents

  • Compliance Course for Contracted Agents

  • CMS Required Compliance and FWA Training

What is the AHIP cost?

The cost is $175 unless you take the course through a carrier that gives the $50 discount. Call 844-998-7878 or email agents@taia.us for assistance.

Does AHIP qualify for compliance credit?

Yes for the following courses:

  • 2019 Medicare Overview for Contracted Agents

  • 2019 Compliance Course for Contracted Agents

  • CMS Required Compliance and FWA Training

  • 2019 Gorman Certification is also accepted in lieu of AHIP

Does SilverScript reimburse for AHIP?

No, but other carriers do. Questions about qualifications? Call 844-998-7878 or email agents@taia.us


How Can Agents Submit an AHIP/Gorman Certificate for Compliance Credit?


You can submit your certificate ONE of the following ways (credits will be updated in three to five days):

  • Transmit your 2019 AHIP results directly to SilverScript from here

  • Transmit your 2019 Pinpoint results directly to SilverScript from here

  • Upload your Gorman certificate to the agent portal by clicking on “Training and Certification” in the “Tools” menu, scroll down, select the file, and upload

  • Email your certificate to agents@taia.us

  • Send your certificate via SilverMail in the agent portal

  • Fax your certificate to 800-351-1401

Is face-to-face training required?


Will 2019 certification allow me to sell in 2018?


Are there any browser restrictions?

Yes, you must complete your certifications through Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you have a pop-up blocker, you will need to disable it in order to complete your certifications. It is also recommended that you clear your browser history and cache before beginning the test. 

Is there a difference for first time certification and re-certification?

No. However, SilverScript only allows a maximum of three attempts for each of the five modules.

Where can I find my username? Password?

Use the "Forgot your Username?" or "Forgot your Password?" links.

How do I know if my certification is completed?

Contact Broker Services Department at (844) 998-7878 or agents@taia.us.